Monuments (self​-​titled)

by Monuments

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"Nope, not the Motor City band of '60s vintage, not the UK skiffle outfit, nor the Depeche Mode tributeers. This version of Monuments—featuring Gabriel Berezin, Grant Zubritsky, Kevin Plessner, and Mike Cook–is one of Brooklyn's finest, miraculously so in a borough that overflows with artists. And Gabe and 'nem are quite powerful, but its essence trends to subtle manipulations of space, the sort of attenuated twang that made Crazy Horse revered, and extending soulful harmonies far into the cosmos. Their full-length apparently won't surface till New Year, but you can certainly dig their brand of epic quiet now."

-The Village Voice

"Brooklyn-based quartet Monuments is touring in support of their self-titled LP. The solid theatrical debut is a concoction of Muse and Broken Social Scene with the sci-fi instrumentals of “Silver Star,” swooping vocals on “Not My Own,” the eerie guitar riffs of “Ice Pick Lobotomy,” and the heart-pounding percussion and acoustic guitar on “I’m Here Now,” an eerie retelling of lead singer Gabe Berezin’s near encounter with the World Trade Center attacks."

-The Aquarian

"Monuments are from Brooklyn. They make music that sounds like the rain. Steady but mysterious. Their slower, acoustic driven tracks (“I’m Here Now”) are like One by One era Foo Fighters whereas the rest of their songs are guitar heavy and experimental, like Pink Floyd...The songs are dizzying yet satisfying, like Explosions in the Sky through the rock’n’roll looking glass...They seek refuge in their own brand of creativity, stubbornly independent like a sailor at sea."

-Music Induced

"This BKNY quartet is on to something here. I mean, you’ll definitely hear elements of bands like Radiohead and Muse on this s/t debut but they expand upon it with a heavy dynamic of low-end rumble, arpeggioed guitars , pounding drums and the passionate vocals of leader Gabriel Berezin. They could be huge. Check out “Not My Own” and “Silver Star’ for starters."


"Monuments, a Brooklyn-based indie/alternative group, put their heart and soul into their debut self-titled album. I know what you’re thinking: “no shit, all bands do.” But I’m serious, this album goes beyond the music and hits close to home, especially with lead singer Gabe Berezin. Track four, “I’m Here Now,” speaks of Gabe’s close encounter with the unfortunate tragedy we have all come to know as 9/11...Their last song, “Rescue Me,” is bass-filled and bursting with lyrical energy building a climactic end to an attention-grabbing debut album. In the very last seconds of “Rescue Me” they end with a sound suggestive of a record player coming to a stop; a suiting finish to the conclusion of a successful album two years in the making."

-Austin Music & Entertainment

"Monuments gives off a definite sense of urgency as the album progresses, proving that the order of an album can be just as crucial as the basic content. With guitars that sound more like seraphic vessels meant to purge the player of darkness than merely manmade instruments and with a vocal that can only be described as a masterful belt..."

-Spectrum Culture

"Monuments already stands out among the lovesick pop singers and hopefuls looking to make music as hooky as possible. That thoughtfulness, paired with the deep lapping of guitars and echoing vocals Monuments brings to the table makes the band’s self titled album play with an intimacy that isn’t often found in first releases. With the intent of questioning fate and the effect it has on all of us, Monuments belt, strum, and crash through this album in a way that is haunting and oddly invigorating..."


released April 1, 2010

Produced by: Ryan Simms, Kevin Plessner, Gabriel Berezin
Engineered by: Ryan Simms, Kevin Plessner
Mastered by: Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound, NYC
All music written by: Gabriel Berezin, Kevin Plessner, Mike Cook
All lyrics written by: Gabriel Berezin
Guitar/Vocals: Gabriel Berezin
Guitar/Synths: Kevin Plessner
Bass: Grant Zubritsky
Drums/Percussion: Michael Cook
Additional bass recorded by: James Preston & Gabriel Berezin

Recorded at Flymax Studios, Woodstock, NY & Radio Tag, NYC
Art work: Sean Tice
Photo: Erin Patrice O'Brien & Pablo Cubarle

Special thanks to The Berezins, The Cooks, The Gelinis, The Plessners, The Zubritskys, James Preston, Leigh Batnick, Amy Ludwigsen, Chell Stephen, Lily Berezin, Jen Estrada, Carin Gorrell, Gordon Hardin, Kamara Thomas, Brian Young, Sean Tice, Craig Foisy, Joshua Bogart, Amal Bouhabib, Jeff Malinowski, John Durgee, Michael Legue, Pete Roseblum, Brian Landau, Jezebel, Radio Tag, Earl Greyhound, Contramano, Ghost Gamblers, Basement Band, Oceanographer, Great Elk, Adam's Castle, Me You Us Them, Triple Down Records, The Periodic Label, and our amazing friends. Extra special thanks to the late Billy Arbuckle and Vince Gallucci.



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Monuments Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Silver Star
There's pleasure and pain
They're all the same
While underground plates
Are shifting
Shifting with me

And really this place
It's a jungle by the sea
With soldiers
Armored tanks
And me

I'd love to lie
I'd love to lie in her concrete
But it's a little cold
It's a little colder than sand

And I must lie down
I must lie down now
And we we won't look away

And I will return this fire
We're born to die

And they'll train you to kill
They'll train you to kill with a smile and a wave

I'll never be awarded silver star
Track Name: White Flag
What’s your angle
Your plan of attack
Your colored smokescreens
And your black and white facts
I’m just waiting here
Fixing my mask
Same as yesterday
When you’re a white flag

White flag

I fly and I dangle
When I’m hanging half mast
The days move slowly
And I watch as they pass
And in the interim
I’m given some slack
The wind change direction
I’ll be coming right back

White flag

My mind’s a ghost town
When I’m staring like that
I’m not insane boy
But I could start to crack
There’s a narrow space between the wall and my back
Same as yesterday when you’re a white flag

White Flag
Track Name: Not My Own
I'm burned but I haven't the time to cry
I learned
I'm fine, I don't need to breathe to know I'm alive
I don't buy, that you have to give into this body's commands
I won't dance
I despise my own thoughts, they're not mine
They're not mine

I'm not my own...

My fantasies, they haunt and they swirl, they come down on my world
My world
They drown in the waters and tides rolling in, they wash out
They climb in
Relief that I'll never feel sad or remorse on my course
Of course
I'm not here, and there's no other story to fear I'm all ears
I'm all ears

I'm not my own...

And you can't catch me...
You can't catch me...

You won't...
Track Name: I'm Here Now
Lying next to you
Your hair was smooth
You danced and swayed and flew away
You could hear...

You could hear the planes
Made your heart start racing
You thought you were dreaming
You thought you were awake

Open your eyes and try to see
Flex your through and make a sound
I'm here now you say
But what...

Do you really know
And I’m here now you say
I'm here now

You can see over the buildings
Monuments they sway
Flying over traffic
It stands...


And you are still
And monuments they sway
Monuments they...

And I’m here now you say
But what do you really know
Track Name: The Believer
I’m a lonely citizen here
Only one who cares
Why should I apologize
If I believe my eyes

Save our own
Got my faith
Keep me warm
Got your rhythm
Feed your storm
Believe it all

I left no questions
No room for vacillations
That time has past
It never lasts
I'm not a kid
I won't grow out of this

And you you
Can't stop me
You you you
Can't stop
You must believe me
You you you
Can't stop
I'll run...
Track Name: Ice Pick Lobotomy
Speaking out loud in a subway station
Keep my mind from its destination
It's hard to say no, deny this fight
Friendly fire has attractive light

Oh lord, he's smiling at me
Strumming his chords and tapping his feet
He won't fool me

I may need lobotomy
Or maybe just laugh away
This endless siege of lightning strikes
Burns a hole right through my spine

Suicide mind, the waves will rise
Terrorist lies, no futures left dry
Slamming down, all dead in his wake
A fading sound, a survivor's escape
I hear him now, he's trying to say
I will never be defeated again
Track Name: Trust Fund
Bell bottoms
Dirty hair
Made of shit
Maybe someone will notice it
Anti-red meat

What should I say?

Organic minds, organic hands
Narrow minds, reflexive glands

What should I say?

You better be sure
You better be sure
Because it really doesn’t matter anymore
My karma ate your dogma

Trust fund fuck baby
Track Name: Expectations
I met her
She had pondered
I was a doctor
She was floored
High powered
She had flavor
In spades
I disappointed her
Just a sharp dresser
Nothing more

We never say a word
Track Name: Rescue Me
It’s a nasty place
This quiet phase
The machine is crashing
It’s on my face
Do you see
Any armor here?
My chest is bare
My hair is burning
My face red
My body turning

You shot me in the arm
No stain on my shirt
You clubbed my in the face
No blood to the surface

I’m gonna need a fix
Just to get me by
For the next five minutes stronger
A friend or a familiar foe
To remind me
I’m part of the race

You shot me in the arm
No stain on my shirt
You clubbed my in the face
No blood to the surface

This is your decision
This is your life
I can see the incision
And this is your knife

I need a little help
A bit of assistance please
I’m at the bottom of a very black sea
Can you rescue me?